Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00%
Additional terms Commissions are disbursed on a monthly basis directly into your account via PayPal.

The future is looking bright

Trying to spread the good vibes and keen for new opportunity? A yoga instructor or just a yogi with a passion for helping others elevate their practice? We are beyond stoked to have you on our team.

As a member of the team, you’ll be an ambassador of the best mats out there —an emissary of elegance in design and a champion of sustainability bringing 2nd Wind to an even wider audience. Through word of mouth on social media, you’ll share discount codes and earn real commissions along the way.

Ready to refer and earn? Of course you are!

If you're ready to become part of the 2nd Wind fam, continue below!

Your network will receive a Promo Code on our website by using YOUR unique Rep Code. YOU will then be hooked up with commission on every order that is placed with your code! All you need is a PayPal Account in order to get paid at the end of every month. 

Ambassador Code Usage:

Each coupon code is good for your entire order on
Your coupon code may or may not be used for sale items depending on the sale. 

Where to post code? 

- Your Website, Social Media Accounts, or Blogs — have fun with it!
- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc…
- On a shirt or hoodie or hat at your favorite yoga studio or festival

Where NOT post your code?

On any @2ndWindHealth SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, AS A PAID AD, OR IN ANY FORUMS. (Captions / Comments) 

On any coupon/discount websites like,, etc.

On any 3rd party website. (Don’t even think twice about selling on Amazon, eBay, or your own spin-off / drop-ship website.) 

**Keep it cool and under control. The consequences of posting your code elsewhere will result in the decline of payment for those sales made and suspension or deferment from the 2nd Wind Health Affiliate Program.**  

Program Behavior Requirements:

All active Ambassadors/Reps must represent the company is a positive way inside and outside the program. 

Example: A 2nd Wind Health & Wellness ambassador who states their affiliation with 2nd Wind Health & Wellness on their social media pages should not talk poorly or attack others on social media. Doing so will result in ejection from the 2nd Wind Health ambassador / rep program. 

Behavior that interferes with or undermines the level of teamwork and collegial respect that are critical to a safe group environment will be ejected from the program. People that promote violence, hate speech, weapons, drugs, etc. will also be declined or removed. 


This Agreement shall not be construed to create any employment relationship, agency relationship, or partnership between you and 2nd Wind Health & Wellness. You will provide services for 2nd Wind Health & Wellness as an independent contractor. You will have no authority to bind yourself to the company in any way. 2nd Wind Health & Wellness will not be responsible for any taxes that you owe arising out of your relationship with 2nd Wind Health & Wellness as set forth in this Agreement. 2nd Wind Health & Wellness will not withhold any taxes from the commissions paid to you.


Any information that you are exposed to by virtue of your relationship with 2nd Wind Health & Wellness under these terms and policies, which information is not available to the general public, shall be considered to be confidential company information. You may not disclose any confidential company information to any person or entity, except where compelled by law, unless you obtain prior written consent for such disclosure from 2nd Wind Health & Wellness.


Due to limitations between Refersion and Shopify's integration, 2nd Wind Health & Wellness does not approve ANY commission payouts during the dates of scheduled sales hosted on the 2nd Wind Health & Wellness website. 

Who can I contact for more information?

[email protected]